Our Service

Engineering Design Team enables you to realise your design ideas cost-effectively. We can help you to fine-tune your dreams and locate local tradespeople to realise them. And we work in your language.

Working with us couldn’t be simpler. Just follow these steps:

  1. Take a photo of the space where you want to install your new stairs, walkway, furniture, railings, or cladding.
  2. Collect pictures or drawings of similar applications you like and send them with the photo of your space to info@engineeringdesignteam.com or use this form on the contact page.
  3. You’ll receive an image from us which show which measurements we need. Take these measurements and email them back to us.
  4. When we receive your measurements, we create a rough drawing of the design and a cost estimate.
  5. Once we receive your approval and payment, we create detailed digital plans in Solid Works which include measurements, drawings of individual pieces, different views of the designed item, and a bill of materials.
  6. You can take the plans to a local manufacturer or specialist to have your specific item manufactured and installed. We can help you find a local company who can work with you in your own language.